Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 1/365

Day 1: I got up this morning and decided to take a drive before it got too sunny. I didn't need to get up early because it still isn't too sunny and it's 2:40 pm. I thought I might go into the country and take a few pictures of the cows and barns.  Turns out cows are a little skittish. I would not have thought that since they came into our camp when we were camping this summer and seemed completely unfazed by us. This guy stuck around though. Since there was a ditch between us he must not have minded that I was there. I think he really liked that long grass he was munching on. 

I kept on driving and came upon this old barn and silo. I have to be honest and tell you that I have passed this place probably 500 times. It is very close to where we live and we pass it to go to the archery range. Things strike you differently when you are looking for opportunities to photograph something. Maybe that is part of the point of this whole exercise. Anyway, I really liked the way it looked and I might have trespassed to get the picture I wanted. I'm truly not sure though. Isn't it neat looking?

Did you take any pictures today? I've actually taken a few since then, but they are for Fearlessly Creative Mammas . 


  1. The green barn part would be a killer background for family pics! Would you ever take my family pictures? I love the early morning lighting on the silos. LOVE!

    1. Yes, I would take your pictures. Of course. So happy you trust me with that. We will have to find out if we can go on their property for that long. Let me know when.