Friday, November 15, 2013


Today was another really overcast day, except it was super cold too. I'm not a fan. I went out this morning on the hunt for something cool to take pictures of and found this road I have never been on before. I will go there again for sure. Maybe it will be warmer next time. 

I was driving down the road and saw this house that had some great settings in their front yard. I turned around and went back. I took several pictures, but I liked this one the best. I didn't want to go on their property though. When I was getting back in my truck I saw someone looking out their front window at me. They were probably trying to figure out what I was doing. I think I will go back here in the summer, when  there will probably be flowers in bloom too. Maybe the owners will be on vacation.  I really like this picture. 

There was a horse farm on the same road, so I pulled over. When I first got there I saw these horses rearing up at each other. This was the only other time either of them did that while I was watching. I'm going to go back on a warmer, less windy day and stay longer and see if I can get the "perfect" picture. I like this one though.


  1. Beautiful pictures Kathleen ! Wow! love the picture of the horses playing.
    Kim ~ This Ole Mom

    1. Thank you. I really am going to go back there when it is a warm day.