Sunday, March 9, 2014


I just have to start by saying, at the rate I am going it will take me ten years to get through my 365 days of photography. It's not that I don't take pictures, I take some almost every day. The problem is that they are either of food or I just don't get them to this point. It's quite sad really. So, if you're looking for pictures every day, I'm afraid it's not going to happen. Sorry. I will do my best. 

Right now I am in Florida, visiting my mom and sister. My mom's back yard is pretty wild, like a forest. It is a neat place and there are lots of birds and squirrels. There are also lizards, butterflies and snakes. Maybe I will be able to get some good pictures of them all while I'm here. Lucky for me, I have a zoom lens, so I won't have to get too close to the snakes. A very happy thought indeed. Today I have a few bird pictures for you. Enjoy. 

Same bird, taking a bath. They are quick bathers

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